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BN can provide extensive assistance in crime and prevention care to organizations in all sectors.  Many of our relations turn to BN when it comes to risk and security management!

In short:  together with BN, employers can join hand in glove against an unwanted phenomenon: crime!

We can provide excellent advice on:

  • Aggression, how to deal with it
  • A bomb threat, now what?
  • Don’t panic when the fire alarm goes off
  • Act sensibly after a burglary
  • How to handle media attention
  • Acceptance and how to act in case of robbery
  • Forgery, what to do
  • Dealing with (shop) theft

Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions that reach our desks at BN.  Please consider these first and contact us if you cannot find the answer you were looking for.


Which are the costs involved in joining BN?
The costs of membership with BN are €365 per year, excl. VAT . This will ensure adequate 24 hour assistance in case of emergency, both internally and externally. For further information on membership please check www.helpdeskfraude.nl

What can BN do for us?
BN consultants can present off-site advice, provide police information, report emergencies, if relevant report to insurance companies, provide press reports, and be part of crisis teams on security issues. If necessary and upon the client’s request, our consultants will be on-site to provide assistance.

Are there other advantages in joining BN?
Our regular clients are entitled to immediate support if necessary. They will receive a 10% discount on our hourly investigation rate. They will also receive a help desk fraud card containing information and a 24 hour service telephone number. Finally they will receive several discounts from our business partners.

How will an investigation begin?
Our BN consultants will be happy to receive you at our Voorthuizen office or at your own company to conduct introductory discussions. Your request will be assessed on feasibility and an investigation strategy will be prepared. You will receive weekly progress reports.

Will there be any unpleasant financial surprises?
A written record of the arrangement will be prepared in an agreement form and a border price will be established. Upon reaching this pre-agreed amount, the BN consultant will contact the client and discuss progress and next steps.

How does BN’s emergency service work?
BN employees can be reached 24 hours a day via our emergency service at (0342) 477 040. Once you have reached this number, you will be asked to provide your telephone number so the BN consultant on call can contact you directly.

Does BN conduct security audits and what do they entail?
The security audit will give an indication of the security policy and level of security at your firm. They are requisite for maximum safety for your clients and your employees. This audit will present a clear picture of safety and security in your organization. Annual re-checks are very valuable.

Advice on general security within your company
Even if you have manuals on Security and Internal Process Flows in place, our BN consultants can advise you on all aspects of Security and help you maintain existing procedures up to date. Health and Safety advice can also be included.



Helpdeskfraude is an initiative of Bedrijfsrecherche Nederland. This help desk can help you find a solution if you find yourself a victim of fraud or if company fraud is suspected. For further information please go to www.helpdeskfraude.nl