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Investigation into compliance with non-competition clause/relationship fraud/confidentiality fraud

The clauses mentioned above should be included in the employment contract to protect your company’s interests and to ensure that confidential information remains classified. By including these clauses in the contract you hope that confidential company information does not become public knowledge. In reality, however, it appears that such a clause is not always observed by either employees or former employees. This can gravely affect your company. Do not underestimate the risk of employing trainees.

Investigations into non-compliance with said clauses demand thorough and exhaustive research, which is why we make use of several disciplines during such an investigation.

Prior to an investigation there will be an introductory interview in which the case at hand and the investigation strategy will be discussed. The investigation may involve:

  • Administrative investigation
  • Forensic  IT  investigation
  • Interviews
  • Surveillance
  • With (hidden) cameras
  • With surveillance teams

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