Investigation into corporate crime

Investigation into corporate crime

Bedrijfsrecherche Nederland has a long experience in investigating corporate crime. Since 1992 our security consultants have been carrying out investigations into every possible type of corporate crime. These include:

  • Offense against property (such as theft, embezzlement, fraud)
  • Violent offenses (such as workplace aggression, battery)
  • Computer fraud (such as misuse of company data)
  • Indecency offense (such as sexual intimidation/unwanted intimacy)
  • Undesirable morals (such as intimidation, scoffing)
  • etc

From experience we sadly know that sooner or later, every company will fall victim to some form of corporate crime. This will have a serious effect on trust. The decision to request a third party to conduct an investigation into these practices is not always an easy one. However, by having an independent investigation carried out by investigators who have no emotional attachment whatsoever to the case at hand, it will be easier for you too to remain objective.

Our investigators are highly skilled and experienced and will operate within the boundaries of Dutch law. Bedrijfsrecherche Nederland has had a ministerial POB211 license since October 1992.

Prior to any internal investigation there will be an introductory interview in which the case at hand and the investigation strategy will be discussed. The investigation may include:

  • Administrative investigation
  • Forensic IT investigation
  • Interviews
  • Surveillance
  • With (hidden) cameras
  • With surveillance teams
For more information on this subject or our rates please contact our help desk at 0342 – 477040 or send us an e-mail.

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