Preparation Of Emergency Plans

Preparation Of Emergency Plans

At Bedrijfsrecherche Nederland, we are highly specialized in preparing emergency plans. An evacuation plan is part of the emergency plan and for most companies, having an evacuation plan in place is mandatory.

A company emergency plan consists of:

  •  An emergency situation plan
  • An evacuation plan

Both plans form one complete plan and we therefore generally prepare tailor made plans. When preparing a plan, it is presumed that there is a (team of) company safety officer(s) in the organization. Riskmanagement Nederland can support you in case the number of skilled company health&safety officers in your organization is scant. Riskmanagement Nederland provides a number of trainings courses, one of which is company health&safety officer training.

Emergency situation plan:

The emergency situation plan focuses on what your management/company health&safety officers need to do in an emergency situation. Depending on the company’s nature, we will prepare an emergency risk assessment. Emergency situations may include fires, gas leaks, bomb threats, power failure, burglary, assault etc. All emergencies will be analyzed and the final plan will include recommendations on how to respond to each individual emergency situation.

Evacuation plan:

The evacuation plan will include matters like:

  • Structure of the company safety organization
  • Alert plan
  • Escape routes
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Assembly point
  • Evacuation procedure

The standard for preparing an evacuation plan is based on the NTA 8112 (nl) standard, issued by the NNI (Dutch Organization for Standardization). The floor plans and corresponding evacuation floor plans are composed according to the Dutch NEN 1414 (nl) standard, also issued by the NNI.

Since evacuation floor plans will need to be positioned in specific places within the company and it would be unwelcome for third parties to be aware of sensitive information, we take this security risk into consideration when preparing the evacuation floor plans.

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